NASA is looking for women to work in bed. Rate? 16 thousand euros

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The German Space Agency (DLR) has published an interesting announcement announcing the launch of the AGBRESA 2019 (Artificial Gravity Bed Rest Study) study on behalf of NASA. Its purpose is to assess the impact of weightlessness on the human body – researchers want to simulate how the body behaves in space cosmic as an example of long-term staying in bed with his head tilted six degrees down.

The results are to help scientists develop more effective remedial and preventive measures so that astronauts are not forced to play sports on the space station for most of the day. For example – respondents will move around every 30 minutes in the so-called a centrifuge that creates artificial gravity and distributes body fluids all over the body.

The test will last exactly 89 days – during the first 15 days, the participant will be familiarized with the entire system and way of conducting the experiment, then rest in bed for 60 days, and then there will be a two-week rehabilitation allowing for a seamless return to normal life. After completing the whole process, the participant will have to take part in four follow-up visits: after 14 days, three months, one year and two years.

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544/5000The recruited person will live in a special room located in the research center. All activities like eating, washing, dealing with physiological needs or even watching TV and reading books will be done in a lying position. It is forbidden to get up and raise your head.

The participants’ diet will be specially prepared, but it can not be classified as restrictive. Meals will be, for example, pancakes and sweets, but of course there will also be healthy dishes without any preservatives or sweeteners.

However, DLR only looks for healthy women between 24 and 55 years old who do not smoke, and whose height is no less than 153 and not higher than 190 centimeters. Participants’ BMI must also be in the range of 19-30 kg per m2. Very good knowledge of German is also required. The earnings are quite substantial, as the person finishing the experiment will receive 16 500 euros.

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