Back to school and college with Lenovo. See what laptops will work best

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Oskar Ziomek

The school year has already begun, and the academic year is soon. This is a good opportunity to buy a new laptop that will facilitate the acquisition of knowledge and allow entertainment in your free time. The choice is huge, but not all computers will meet the needs of students equally.

To make the decision easier, together with Lenovo we have prepared 3 proposals from various categories that should appeal to those who will go to school and university again from September and October.

Lenovo IdeaPad C340

The first suggestion is a small Lenovo IdeaPad C340 notebook, which is equipped with a 14-inch touch screen. The computer will be great above all in the hands of people who will often take it with them outside the home or to classes. The device weighs only just over 1.6 kilograms, and after one battery charge it will be able to work up to 8 hours.

Despite the small size, the laptop is very efficient. It comes in many configurations, and the top ones include the eighth generation Intel Core i7 processors, 16 GB of RAM and PCIe SSDs with a capacity of up to 512 GB.

Among the connectors you can find, among others, one USB-C socket and two full-size USB 3.1 ports, one of which is constantly active. Thanks to this, when the computer is off, you can connect a device to it (e.g. a smartphone) to charge it. The computer thus turns into a kind of powerbank.

Pupils and students will appreciate the ability to rotate the Lenovo IdeaPad C340 screen 360 degrees. Contrary to appearances, this solution is not only useful as a gadget. During a demonstration lesson or lecture, the large deflection of the matrix will allow you to conveniently observe the screen from a standing position, which will be useful when projecting slides with the help of a projector.

The computer will also work in the hands of people who prefer handwritten notes. The touch screen can be operated with the Active Pen purchased separately. It supports 2048 press levels, which will allow you to sketch precisely on the computer screen.

Prices of the C340 model start from around PLN 1600.

Lenovo ThinkPad E590

Another suggestion for the more demanding is the Lenovo ThinkPad E590. This is a durable laptop from the already iconic ThinkPad series, which will certainly endure many adversities. The equipment is resistant to vibrations and repeated shocks, which makes it more difficult to damage it.

The computer has a 15.6-inch screen, which in the top version has an IPS matrix with FullHD resolution. HD version is also available in cheaper variants. Depending on the configuration, the computer may be a machine with top performance. The manufacturer has predicted versions even with 8th generation Intel Core processors that are ready to operate with Intel Optane technology.

When you choose this memory option, everything will run faster: from daily tasks and opening advanced multimedia files to loading demanding games. The option of two disks will additionally speed up the work. The computer can be equipped with a maximum of 32 GB of RAM and an additional graphics chip AMD Radeon RX 550X with 2 GB of own memory.

More attention should be given to available storage media, because there are a lot of them. Depending on the client's version and requirements, the laptop can feature a PCIe M.2 SSD up to 512 GB, or a disk disk up to 500 GB (7200 rpm) or up to 2 TB (5400 rpm). Optionally, you can also choose the version with two media and then use Intel Optane memory up to 16 GB.

It is worth noting that the computer has been equipped with several solutions to increase security. Encryption is available here, thanks to which the data will not fall into the wrong hands, and is implemented by the hardware TPM 2.0 module. The fingerprint reader provides additional security – it allows you to use the Windows Hello function and authenticate the user using biometrics.

The ThinkPad E590 also has a very capacious battery that will allow up to 11 hours of work, and this is an excellent result for a powerful laptop. Rapid Charge is an additional advantage. The battery can be charged up to 80 percent. in just an hour.

Prices for Lenovo ThinkPad E590 start from around PLN 3,100.

Lenovo Legion Y540

The latest suggestion is Lenovo Legion Y540, which is a laptop that game fans should be interested in. Thanks to the 17.3-inch screen, top specifications and player-friendly solutions, this machine is perfect for both learning and gaming equipment.

While playing, you will appreciate, among others, an IPS display with a refresh rate of 144 Hz, support for Dolby Atmos sound technology, laser-engraved WASD keys or software that allows you to easily increase your computer's performance.

The top of this laptop offers 9th Generation Intel Core i7-9750H processors, up to 32 GB of operational memory and one of three additional graphics cards, including GeForce GTX 2060. Depending on the version, the laptop may be equipped with a 144 or 60 refresh screen Hz and PCIe SSD with up to 1 TB capacity.

Harman speakers using Dolby Atmos for Gaming technology will also provide a good gaming experience. The computer is equipped with a number of useful connectors, including USB-C, HDMI 2.0, Mini DisplayPort 1.4, Ethernet connector and 3 full-size USB 3.1 Gen 1.

In addition, the Lenovo Legion Y540 model is covered by the Lenovo Premium Care promotional campaign. If the equipment fails, you can use the help of a service center that will repair it within 5 working days in the door-to-door service. If the deadline is longer, the customer receives new equipment and a refund.

Prices of Lenovo Legion Y540 start from around 3950 PLN.

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