a life-saving smartwatch with a screen always on

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Apple Watch is not just a smartwatch. It is primarily a medical device that can save lives. During a press conference, Apple showed several touching stories of people whose lives he saved or significantly improved thanks to motivation to play sports.

Apple Watch is also a tool for collecting data for medical research. Over 400 thousand people took part in heart tests, which allowed them to build an early warning system against arrhythmias. More research will start soon. Apple Hearing Study is designed to help protect your hearing and alert you to excessive noise. Apple Women's Health Study will help you study infertility and osteoporosis. Health and Movement will examine the impact of sports on health. Of course, participation in this research is optional. For now, the programs only work in the USA.

Apple Watch – what future awaits the most popular smartwatch?

The Apple Watch series 5 was also announced during the conference. The watch finally got an LTPL screen that will not turn off. Just like a traditional watch, you'll always be able to see the time without gesturing or touching the screen. The screen will adjust the backlight and refresh rate to current conditions.

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The screen will also be turned on during training, and during field trips you can turn on the compass. Although it will work all day, the Apple Watch will still work 18 hours.

Apple Watch 5 will also get features that ensure our security. In 150 countries, you can call for help by tapping the screen. You won't need an iPhone for this. Like the iPad, the Apple Watch 6 was also made entirely of recycled aluminum.

Watches will be available in stores from September 20. Prices start from $ 399 (in Poland PLN 1999). In addition, the price of the 3rd generation Apple Watch has dropped to $ 199.

The premiere of Apple for the first time on YouTube

For the first time Apple is broadcasting the premiere of new devices not only on its own site, but also on YouTube.

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