Kingston is again the largest RAM provider in the world according to DRAMeXchange

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DRAMeXchange has prepared a report for 2018. Kingston clearly ranked first among RAM memory providers. This is nothing new, because the company has the highest podium rank for the 16th time.

Again, with a huge advantage, Kingston Technology Europe Co LLP has been hailed by DRAMeXchange as the largest DRAM module supplier in the world. The share estimate was 72.17%! The second company (SMART Modular Technologies) can boast only 5.07%. You can see how crushing Kingston is.

It's good, but Kingston himself talks about revaluation

As a curiosity, it can be said that DRAMeXchange itself belongs to TrendForce. As you can read in the Kingston announcement

"Current prices remained high in the first half of 2018, and even exceeded contract prices by more than 20%. Despite growing inventories and falling prices in the second half of 2018, the authors of the report indicate that module manufacturers have managed to generate large revenues and earnings."

Kingston himself is cautious about the report, he does not believe in such a high share compared to other competitors. As Iwona Zalewska, who is a DRAM business manager at Kingston in the EMEA region, points out:

"TrendForce estimates seem somewhat overstated, but reflect our company's development in all business segments. (…) In 2018, in all our lines, such as DRAMs, SSDs and embedded solutions, we produced over 14 trillion MB of memory."

Source: Kingston

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