x-kom and other known YouTube channels with streaming ban. The reason for Apple

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The Apple Special Event 2019 conference warms up the technology industry until red, but the Cupertino company did not like the journalists wanting to comment on live events. YouTube channel operators who have done so end with a 3-month content streaming block.

Technically, the journalist has the right to quote and comment, but retransmitting the live stream has always been controversial. The original broadcaster then loses viewers to third parties. This time, as you can see, Apple and Google decided to act and block unwanted streamers. The punishment they received was a ban on streaming for a period of three months.

The case is highlighted by the presenters of the VideoTesty channel, but apparently much more is punished. The largest Polish technology channels have been hit, including the one belonging to the x-kom store.

However, this is not just a matter of Poland. As reported by internet users, they reacted similarly around the world. For streamers, quarterly blockade is a huge problem, although of course YouTube is not the only medium and it is not difficult to find an alternative for it.

update: Interestingly, it looks like YouTube has failed after all. At least some of the streamers had Apple permission, but their broadcasts were blocked.

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– x-kom had permission from Apple Polska to comment on the stream broadcast. It seems that the YouTube algorithm has put us in one bag with other users of the site who did not have such a contract – says good programs Kamil Szwarbuła, spokesperson of x-com. – Of course, we immediately began to clarify and unscrew this matter, but we were unable to restore YouTube broadcast during the conference. Fortunately, the stream on our Facebook channel worked smoothly from start to finish – reports the representative.

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