Yanosik will go to Apple CarPlay. Radar warnings soon on car screen

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Apple CarPlay, i.e. the system of integrating iPhones with screens in cars, will be enriched with another application. Soon iPhone users will be able to use Yanosik – an application valued by Polish drivers in this way.

Soon Yanosik will be available not only on smartphones, but also Apple CarPlay, but at the moment a specific date is not known. The developers of the application confirmed on Twitter that they work hardand Yanosik on Apple CarPlay should show up soon.

When Yanosik goes to Apple CarPlay, for drivers it will be another argument just in favor of the car system available through iPhones.

Yanosik is valued primarily for its active community, which through the application shares information about traffic jams, accidents and speed controls.

Yanosik on Apple CarPlay, but not on Android Auto

Competitive Android Auto, although it has been thoroughly modernized recently, is still not an open road for software developers. Here, the applications offered to drivers are basically just Google Maps and Waze and as yet it is not known when this state of affairs will change.

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It's different with Apple CarPlay. In addition to the maps offered by Apple, the aforementioned Google Maps and Waze are also available, but not only – drivers can also successfully use, for example, Sygic navigation or Polish AutoMapa. Yanosik will undoubtedly be another application compatible with CarPlay, which will be appreciated by drivers in Poland.

Yanosik is available for download through our application catalog.

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