Jimmy Wales changed citizenship. Wikipedia founder afraid of Trump?

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Jommy Wales, founder of Wikipedia, the Wikimedia Foundation and WikiTribune, has just changed citizenship. He comes from Alabama and his new homeland is Great Britain. Wales has been living in London since 2012 with his wife Kate Gravy, Tony Blair's secretary.

One reason for changing citizenship may be the shifted but inevitable Brexit. However, I suppose Jimmy Wales is more afraid of Donald Trump's policy in his country of origin.

There will be protests against "Trump's lies"

Jimmy Wales expressed his concerns at the end of 2018. The Wikipedia founder admitted that he was afraid of protests against the rule of the 45th President of the United States. He called Donald Trump a "very talented man" whom the truth would catch up with during the 2020 election.

The protests will definitely reflect on Wikipedia. One such action The Free Encyclopedia has already passed. The Wikipedia community had to break one of the fundamental principles to prevent Donald Trump from being notoriously offended. Vandals stubbornly changed the photo of the head of state into a photo of male genitals.

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We must also allow the possibility that changing citizenship is a natural course of things after a few years of living in London and has nothing to do with politics.

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