Volkswagen will create its own operating system. He is concerned about user privacy

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The Volkswagen Group strives to unify the software in its cars. It will prepare its own operating system for this purpose. He does not want to use Android, because, he claims, he is concerned about the privacy of users, indicating a significant example.

Christian Senger, head of the Digital Car and Services Department of the VW Group, highlighted the concept in an interview with ArsTechnica. The representative admits that the company's current policy in the field of software was very chaotic. He blames indirectly on Ferdinand Piëch, the president of the supervisory board who died in August 2019, who was very conservative because of his old age (born in 1937).

First of all: work optimization

Piëch adhered to the principle that all VW Group brands should compete with each other. So each of them developed the software at their own expense and on their own terms. For this reason, a total of eight independent projects were carried out, which of course has little to do with cost optimization and the use of human resources. In addition, it requires all engineers; specialists from Android, Automotive Grade Linux and QNX, because such OS was used.

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As Senger declared, this mess will soon be sorted out. The VW Group will prepare its own system, based on the Android AOSP code, which will go to all its vehicles, from the Volkswagen Polo to the Audi A8. Only the graphic overlay and the range of functions offered will be different.

Secondly, the issue of privacy

And why I do not want to regular Android? Because it is concerned about user privacy. – There are brands that really use Google's automotive services; this is not our strategy. When you do, you will undoubtedly receive a wide package of features and services Senger admitted. Then he added: "But you also have to open all sensor data (before Google), and when I say all, it's really all data". One such brand is Volvo.

Senger declares that by 2025 a separate unit will be created in the VW Group responsible solely for software. Available for all brands. According to the presented estimates, 5-10 thousand people will find employment there. people. However, it is not clear how many employees the company currently employs in connection with the car software. Suggestions show that, however, more.

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