US sues Edward Snowden. The allegations are, to say the least, surprising

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Edward Snowden, a CIA exponent who is known around the world for revealing numerous details about the operation of US services, has been sued by the US government. The accusations against Snowden, however, may seem surprising.

No, it's not about disclosing the state secret, but the book Permanent RecordSnowden released on September 17. The whistleblower first describes his life story, including how he helped build the NSA empire of global oversight. Autobiography includes detailed information on the effects of the decision to disclose hundreds of thousands of confidential documents to the world.

The American government accuses Snowden of not submitting the book to CIA and NSA before publication. Because writing about them is not prohibited, but the content must be verified.

According to a US Department of Justice press release, Snowden violated the confidentiality agreements he had signed with both the CIA and the NSA. The lawsuit not only mentions the book Permanent Record, but also public speeches on intelligence matters.

The government wants to take over the profits

Even more interestingly, the government does not want to stop distributing the release. Instead, it demands the takeover of all sales revenues. "The government is seeking to recover all proceeds earned by Snowden for not submitting its publication for pre-publication review in violation of its contractual and fiduciary obligations." – we read in a press release. Similarly, the material publisher is sued.

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– The ability of the United States to protect sensitive information on national security depends on the compliance of employees and contractors with their confidentiality agreements, including pre-publication review obligations – comments Deputy Prosecutor General, Jody Hunt, of the Civil Department of the Department of Justice. – This process shows that the Department of Justice does not tolerate these violations of public trust. We will not allow individuals to get rich at the expense of the United States without fulfilling their pre-release review obligations – adds Hunt.

This trial is independent of criminal charges against Snowden for his alleged disclosure of classified information about US mass surveillance programs such as Prism, Dropoutjeep, Xkeyscore and Muscular.

Application for asylum in France

Having lived in Russia since 2013, after the disclosure of secret surveillance programs by US intelligence agencies, Snowden has recently asked the French government for asylum. The informer reported that he had tried to apply for asylum in France as early as 2013, when Francois Hollande was in power, but to no avail.

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