Windows Core OS is getting closer. New mentions in the documentation were discovered

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Windows Core OS was noticed in the documentation that went to the internet. According to many people, this is a hint that in October Microsoft can present a new device from the Surface series that will have two displays.

Rumors have been appearing on the web for many months. In January, it was loud about the ongoing adaptation of Windows for the needs of dual-screen devices, and last year it was speculated about a device from Andromeda OS that would be folded and equipped with a stylus.

Further information in this regard only appeared in June this year, when reports were received about alleged tests of the device with the internal name Centaurus. It is assumed that this is new equipment within the Surface series that will be able to run applications from Android.

The Windows Core OS, now referred to, was instead mentioned in the documentation, which was available in the first half of 2019. Windows Latest points out that this is the first time that Microsoft has officially used the name Windows Core OSwhich was previously only speculated.

Core OS is to be a "light" version of Windows only with the necessary elements, additionally adapted in particular to work in devices with two displays. If all the reports are confirmed, the system will be presented with a new device from the Surface series in the first half of October this year.

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