YouTube has introduced new filters for creators. Now it will be easier to find selected comments

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YouTube has come out to meet the creators of videos and provided them with new options for filtering comments. The change is now visible in YouTube Studio and allows you to more conveniently sort statements to more effectively answer viewer questions.

To get to interesting comments faster, developers can now use 5 filters. Just visit the preview of the video in YouTube Studio and go to the comments section. A list of all comments from viewers will be displayed and can be further filtered.

In this way, YouTube allows you to narrow down the list of results only to comments to which the creator has already responded, to those containing questions, from commenters with a given number of subscriptions and written by subscribers or members supporting the channel.

Filters can also be mixed freely. This allows YouTube creators to view, for example, only a list of questions from subscribers who themselves have at least 1,000 subscriptions.

In addition, YouTube extends the functionality of the search engine in the comments. As an example, he gives the search for the word "subs" meaning subscriptions. Until now, only results with exactly the same word usage have been displayed. Now the search engine will also analyze other similar queries and also display results for the words "subscriber" and "subscribers".

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