11 best applications for checking air quality

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We consider the 2019 smog season to be open. The first exceedances of the air pollution standard have already been reported. You can control the air quality in your area thanks to the applications – we have selected the 11 best.


Canary is the most popular application for checking the presence of smog in Poland. In it, you can monitor CIEP air quality testing stations and connected to amateur networks.

You can also see stations on the map. You can also ask about the cleanliness of the air in the area through Google Assistant.

Download the Canary application

Plume Air Report

Plume Air Report is a very nice application with an international reach. The application does not monitor individual stations, but provides the so-called Plume Index for entire cities. This indicator is calculated on the basis of data from various sources. On their basis, Plume Labs also sets an air quality forecast for the coming days.

Plume Air Report can notify you if the air quality deteriorates significantly. If you're a sensitive person, you can lower the value at which notifications appear. In addition, Plume Air Report has an Instaplume function – it allows you to take a photo on Instagram with an air quality overlay.

Download Plume Air Report.

Smog Info

Smog Info is an application similar to Canary. She also presents data from the observed air quality measuring stations. Touching each indicator will allow you to see historical charts and information about each type of pollution.

The application also has a widget that can show air quality data on the smartphone's home screen.

Download Smog Info

Smog Alert

The Smog Alert application shows data on air quality monitoring stations in Poland and from 3000 cities abroad. In the application you can see data from the CIEP measuring stations and its foreign counterparts.

Smog Alert can send air quality notifications every hour. The free version monitors a maximum of 4 nearest measuring stations. Paid allows you to add more stations and change the frequency of sending notifications.

Download the Smog Alert application

Air quality in Poland

Air quality in Poland is the official application of the Chief Inspectorate for Environmental Protection. The application presents data only from state measuring stations. The current ones are presented in the form of tiles, and historical ones on the charts.

Stations can be searched manually or indicated on the map.

Download the Air Quality in Poland application


Airly is another application that uses both state sources and an amateur network of air quality sensors. The application can independently find the nearest measuring stations and indicate them on the map. Most frequently checked stations can be added to favorites.

Airly also has the ability to receive notifications and data presentation on the home screen widget.

Install Airly

Smogo Tickets Krakow

When the safe level of air pollution is exceeded in Krakow, you can use public transport for free. Smogo Tickets Kraków answers the question whether you can ride for free today.

In addition to the "Yes" or "No" answers in Smogobilety Kraków, you can also check the level of each type of pollution. You'll see historical measurement data on the charts.

Download Smogo Tickets Kraków to your smartphone

Air pollution

The advantage of the Air pollution application is the view combining data from the nearest measuring station with a map of the country. This allows you to orient yourself in the state of air in the scale of the city and the whole country. Air pollution uses various data sources, including maps of the Airly system described above.

You can select a specific type of pollution in the application menu.

Download Air Pollution


AirVisual is an international application that can be combined with both publicly available air quality data and your IQAir measuring station. The application has the advantage of allowing you to check the quality of air at home and work, and based on the collected data, it estimates the air quality in the apartment.

On the three-dimensional map you can see air quality and animated wind direction indicators.

Install Air Quality

Smog Poland

Smog Polska is another very aesthetic application for checking air quality. It stands out from the others by its quick access to two parameters – dust concentration PM10 and PM 2.5. In addition, the application allows you to quickly switch between other types of security.

In the settings you can enable the widget on the home screen and notifications of changes in air quality.

Download the Smog Polska application

Air quality in the world

The Somehow Air World application will be useful for travelers. Like Plume or AurVisual, it has international reach. On the map, you can check the station readings in any country that makes such information publicly available.

In the application you will also find weather forecast and information about the wind direction in the area.

Download the World Air Quality app

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