The accordion tablet computer of the future and the return to the smartphone market

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There have been reports on the network for a while about a two-screen device from the Surface line, but probably nobody predicted that it would be something so crazy. Equipment, finally called Surface Neo, cannot be assigned to any existing category. "We want to take our fans on a journey," commented Panos Panay, Microsoft's chief hardware engineer.

Not a journey, but more a ride, and without a handle – put pressure on your mouth. Surface Neo has two touch screens connected by a 360-degree hinge and a magnetic keyboard. The whole creates a three-part harmonica. As presented, it can be used in a number of different, sometimes unexpected ways. Use two screens as if you were reading a book, then fold Neo into a laptop with a navigation bar or Apple Touch Bar – or without it and thus get a larger trackpad surface.

Apart from the completely predictable modes, such as a single-screen tablet with a second screen that acts solely as a stand, for example when watching a movie.

Surface Neo is also the first example of the implementation of the previously announced Intel Lakefield processors, which mimics the ARM big.LITTLE concept a bit. One high-efficiency Ice Lake (Sunnycove) core in the 10 nm lithographic process is accompanied by four nukes and a set of logic enclosed within a single chip.

However, while the functionality of this unusual device clearly refers to computers, the dimensions are rather tablet. Both screens are 9 '' each. Panay boasted about this Windows 10X, which is a special variation dozens optimized for two screens, about which colleague Oskar Ziomek writes more widely.

Surface Duo, aka return to the smartphone market

And if that wasn't enough, Microsoft has announced a return to the smartphone market. Well, sort of. Because Surface Duo, or 5.6-inch version of Neo, based on Android, has never been called a smartphone. Is computer on a pocket scale. It doesn't have a physical keyboard, but the second screen can be its role or play the role of a game controller.

The premiere of both these daughters was announced at the end of 2020. Inevitably, at such a distant date, no prices are known. After all, they will definitely not be low.

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