The best applications for reading news from the country and the world

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On your smartphone, it's impossible not to read the latest news, instantly disseminated on websites. There is nothing difficult to get information, but the trick is to do it right. How to filter out noise, choose the best sources and not lose it all day? Here are some applications that will help in this.

Google News

Google News is probably the most popular news reading application today. Phenomenal search algorithms will find the most important messages that match your place of residence and interests. In addition, Google News will show you grouped articles from different sources on the same hot topic. Thanks to this you can get to know different points of view and opinions.

As you use the application, it will get better. You can indicate that you want more messages on one topic, less on another, and block information portals you don't like. In the "Newsstand" section, you can also buy subscriptions to digitally issued magazines.

Download the application: Google News

Microsoft news

Microsoft News is a similar news magazine from various sources. Microsoft, however, does not use artificial intelligence to automatically personalize messages. Instead, it lets you choose topics that interest you and search for the latest information on the topic you specify. You can sign up to the "Poland" section you have already prepared, or look for news about the software or Łódź yourself.

In the application, you can log in to your Microsoft account and store selected topics and saved articles there. Account information will also be available on Windows.

Download the application: Microsoft News


Squid very convenient application for reading news from various sources with a thematic breakdown. The great advantage of Squid is the precise division of topics. From sports news, you can choose specific disciplines, separate information from e-sports from the world of games, and sections for special events, such as elections.

Squid is also a great application for English grinding. The list of categories includes messages at the appropriate language level so that you can learn with them. You can also share articles with friends of interesting fragments.

Download the application: Squid


Feedly combines the advantages of two worlds – an application that matches popular news and a traditional RSS reader from your favorite portals. You can add news sources from both the themed categories and by searching the names of your favorite sites. You can read messages from the same sources and in the same form in the application on your smartphone, in the browser or in the application on your computer. Read articles will be synchronized between your devices via the cloud. You can also connect other programs to your Feedly account.

The Feedly app has different news views and sorting methods. If you want to know the most important news of the day quickly, you can turn them on first.

Download the application: Feedly


Feedster is closer to the classic RSS reader, but in addition to the latest articles from news portals and blogs (synchronization with the Feedly account) you can follow social media on it: YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit and VKontakte. As in the Feedly app, you can also view each category and each news source separately. There are no mechanisms for displaying hot news or thematic groups.

Feedster allows you to save articles to read later in tabs. You can also change the way headers are displayed and the colors of the application.

Download the application: Feedster


Inoreader is an application very similar to Feedly – you can link it to your Feedly account and synchronize your data or add all sources manually and keep the list only on your smartphone. There were also thematic categories from which you can choose websites and blogs that interest you.

As with most of the applications described here, you can choose the message view and easily switch to night mode. One-hand operation is facilitated by simple gestures.

Download the application: Inoreader

Happy reading!

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