Top 10 car applications. Check what to install on your Android smartphone

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GPS navigation is probably the first thing most drivers will think about when using a smartphone when traveling. In practice, however, there are more applications on the market that can be useful in the car or just before driving.

We have selected 10 applications for you that are worth installing on your Android phone to make driving a car easier, but not only. Some will also be useful for solving technical problems.

Android Auto

The first proposition for Android owners is the Android Auto application, i.e. an additional smartphone interface adapted to the needs of drivers. Large navigation buttons are displayed on the device screen for easy access to navigation, music player, telephone and notifications. Voice control is also available.

This application will work on virtually any smartphone. It is also necessary to use Android Auto on the screen built into the car dashboard. Then the interface looks different and allows you to operate, for example, using the touch screen in the vehicle.

The Android Auto application is available for download in our software catalog.


For the navigation mentioned at the beginning, it is worth choosing the Waze application. A special feature here is a large community, whose members inform each other about the situation on the road. Thanks to this you can get quick information about road checks, accidents or even average speed of vehicles in traffic jams.

As a navigation, Waze works similarly to other such programs – the destination can be a specific address or a selected object. It is worth knowing that Waze is currently one of two navigations that work with Android Auto on car screens.

The Waze application is available for download in our software catalog.

Google Maps

A convenient alternative to Waze are Google Maps, which can be useful in other situations, which is why you should pay attention to their frequent updating. Here, only recently have information about speed cameras and other road hazards been operating, but for now they are less accurate.

However, Google Maps has another advantage in the form of a number of additional information about targets. You can use them to conveniently check, for example, restaurants nearby or use the convenient Street View. Google Maps also works in tandem with Android Auto.

The Google Maps application is available for download in our software catalog.


Yanosik is an application that will be useful to anyone who values ​​access to a lot of information about the current traffic situation. The involved community uses the app to report roadside checks, accidents and other traffic situations that are later automatically passed on to other users.

After the first start, the number of notifications that the program reads may surprise you. A large number of people using this solution in Poland is an indisputable advantage. In addition to being a source of information about the traffic situation, Yanosik can also be used as car navigation.

The Yanosik application is available for download in our software catalog.


A relatively fresh proposal on the market is the AutoCB application, which was created thanks to the creators of AutoMapa. The program is a part of the AutoMapa functionality and allows you to make voice conversations with other users who are in the immediate vicinity.

In practice, AutoCB is therefore the modern equivalent of CB radio, which is still used by some, but is gradually losing popularity.

The AutoCB application is available for download in our software catalog.


Autopay is a proposal for regularly traveling on the A1 and A4 motorways. This is the official application that allows you to automate the process of paying for tolls on these motorways. The driver assumes the profile of his car and connects his payment card to it to reduce waiting time in front of the gates.

The system reads the vehicle's license plates and automatically opens the barrier, charging a fee. The creators conducted research, which estimates that the use of such fee automation can increase the number of vehicles supported on gates up to three times.

The Autopay application is available for download in our software catalog.


Fuelio is an application that will interest all people who thoroughly analyze expenses. The program is a kind of diary, in which you can record expenses for the car, primarily fuel, but not only. In addition, you can also find out where the cheapest fuel is in the area.

The register kept in the application does not have to concern only one vehicle. The owner of several cars will be able to track not only expenses, but also plan regular service and analyze the cost of maintenance of each vehicle, also on clear charts.

The Fuelio application is available for download in our software catalog.

Tire Expert

Drivers at the stage of changing wheels or tires should pay attention to the Tire Expert application. This is a program that will show visual (and numerical) differences between the two entered tire sizes. Such a comparison tool will be useful to people who want to change the size of the wheels on another vehicle included in the approval and are not sure what such a set will look like.

In the application, two wheel halves are compared to each other in real time when entering tire parameters. This allows you to observe how the appearance of the wheel changes, for example, after changing a tire with a larger profile to a smaller one, but in conjunction with a larger rim.

The Tire Expert application is available for download in our software catalog.


A proposal for inquisitive car users is the Torque application, which, in tandem with the receiver plugged into the OBD2 socket, allows you to read additional engine parameters, including interpreting some errors. The application does not replace a visit to a specialist on the site, but it can be a source of first information about possible problems with the car.

Torque is a useful program even in the free Lite version. However, it is worth noting that in order to use its capabilities, it is necessary to buy, for example, a wireless transmitter plugged into the OBD2 service socket. The cheapest Bluetooth devices are available on the network for several dozen zlotys.

The Torque application is available for download in our software catalog.

AlcoDroid Alcohol Tracker

Finally, a proposal for drivers who want to assess their sobriety after drinking alcohol. The AlcoDroid Alcohol Tracker application calculates the theoretical blood alcohol concentration based on the amount and duration of alcohol consumed.

On this basis, it can be estimated whether the driver is sober and can get behind the wheel. Although the effectiveness of such calculations is quite good, do not forget that the application will not replace a real breathalyzer and you need to reach for it before the final decision on driving.

The AlcoDroid Alcohol Tracker application is available for download in our software catalog.

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