Apple will not add ports to MacBooks. We are stuck with USB C and Thunderbolt

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Having one of the fresher MacBooks we are forced to buy a set of adapters. Computers do not have the right set of connectors, so most users must use adapters. And rather nothing will change.

West youtuber Jonathan Morrison interviewed Phil Schiller from Apple. He touched on a lot of different issues, but the most interesting is probably the ports on MacBook Pro. After all, throwing away most connectors for USB C / Thunderbolt raises controversy and numerous criticisms.

According to an Apple representative, the company made a good and forward-looking decision

Morrison asked Schiller if he thought there was a chance that the SD card slot would ever return to Apple laptops. Unfortunately, the representative of the company did not have good news for him, although he did not consider the disappearance of popular connectors as something bad. He thought of them as good progress and expanding opportunities at the expense of carrying an adapter.

"Probably not, though (…) everything can always change. We spent a lot of time on the MacBook Pro, exploring what connectors our customers use, how they grow and change their needs, thinking about many USB-A ports, SD readers, HDMI and redefining it. (…) More and more customers are using USB-C and Trunderbolt. I love the incredible reserve of performance and charging power. That is why we think (…) four USB-C / Trunderbolt ports will provide the best possibilities for what we will be doing in the coming years. "

As you can see, it's all about efficiency and looking ahead. Phil Schiller is confident of the decision and continues the thread:

"The compromise concerns several traditional interfaces, but there are USB-C adapters, I wear one myself. And this output gives the highest performance and flexibility. Therefore, after many thoughts, I think that we have done the best thing for customers by choosing connectors. It also means that we don't have all the ports available on the market. "

Apple's policy is unlikely to change in this matter. Is this something weird? Not only Apple has suggested that one day USB C will replace all other ports. In fact, if in the future various devices commonly have USB C ports, will we need something more? No (the problem remains, e.g. memory card readers, but I mean different cables and plugs) After all, USB_C and Thunderbolt can displace not only microUSB and full-size USB-A, but also HDMI.

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The problem is that such changes do not occur within one generation of laptops. The process is slow and we will not get used to moving away from HDMI or USB-A for a long time. Someone had to take the first step. Certainly, Apple's behavior has encouraged hardware manufacturers to more widely introduce USB-C, but it is not feasible for such a thing to become a revolution in the blink of an eye.

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