Instagram Video Downloader

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Instagram Downloader is a free and easy-to-use program that is used to collect photos and images as well as videos published on the account of any Instagram user. Using the application, we can easily download selected or all graphics from our instagram account, as well as from accounts belonging to other people.

Registering in Instagram is not required to use the program, however, it facilitates browsing the resources of user accounts of this website. Please note that we can only register via the Instagram application that works on mobile devices.

Using the program comes down to a few simple steps. In the Instagram Downloader start window, enter the full name of the selected user account, and then press Enter. The program for some time searches for images shared on the account, and after completing this operation displays their graphic thumbnails in the next window. We can select the graphics we are interested in and simply click the Download button, so they will be saved on our disk. It is worth adding that after clicking on a given thumbnail, a full preview of the original image will be displayed. The program configuration allows you to choose the destination directory for the downloaded files, as well as to set a specific language version of the interface.

  Windows 10 October 2018 Update still with a small share

The graphic design of the application is very modest and virtually unobtrusive, but the thumbnails of images displayed in the results window give it a certain charm. Virtually every user can handle the application without problems, so the manufacturer does not provide a help file or other instructions.
Instagram Downloader sometimes stops working or freezes for no apparent reason (maybe this is only the case with accounts with more than 1000 items). Do not be discouraged by this disadvantage of the program – often after restarting, the application works properly with the account we are interested in. The error will probably be fixed in future versions of the tool.
The Instagram Downloader installer also offers installation of external programs. They can be e.g. toolbars that change the search engine of the web browser to display advertising content, etc. To skip the installation of these applications, select Skip and Decline in the subsequent installer windows.

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