You won't believe what "RGB LED gaming" can be. HDMI cable!

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In August I wrote about the gaming RGB support for graphics cards. A good addition for massive graphics, but it doesn't have to be RGB. I laughed while writing that I was waiting for DVD drives with RGB or cables. And you know what? The new HDMI cable is on!

It's not like the Vivify HDMI cable is an ordinary and poor cable, but a glowing one. ARQUUS W73 is characterized by high quality and supports 4K at 60 frames per second, 12-bit 4: 4: 2 and 8-bit 4: 4: 4. Supports HDMI 2.0b (18 Gb / s).

Vivify ARQUUS W73 is available only in quite long variants. 2.7 m and 4.5 m to choose. It is distinguished by (except backlight) that instead of a copper beam fiber optics were used. It is light, but also durable. Just a good, but extremely expensive cable. You can buy it in the promotion for $ 79.99 (regular price 149.99), and in the longer version for $ 99.99 (normally 199.99).

Gaming, LED, RGB … HDMI !!!

And here its gaming penetrates. The company itself praises on the product page that it

"The world's first HDMI cable that has built-in backlight. Players can stand out thanks to our cables and setting a dazzling mode of cyclical color change or any of the 7 colors (red, orange, green, cyan, blue and purple). To increase the "wow" effect, plug in the included microUSB cable to increase brightness. "

I wonder if in a few months time will come for an RGB optical gaming drive? Against the background of a hypothetical DVD or Blu-Ray, the RGB support for the graphics card seems to be everyday and not surprising. And what are your types? Where else will RGB come and "give players +10" to frames per second?

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