Intel must withdraw the new processor from stores. He received too little cooling in the set

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Intel announced that on November 13, the Xeon E-2274G processor has acquired the status of EOL, which means the end of sales. This unit debuted only half a year ago, but the manufacturer was forced to withdraw it due to insufficient cooling in the set.

Xeon E-2274G is not an overly extensive chip. It belongs to the Coffee Lake family (LGA 1151) and offers four cores and eight threads in a 14 nm ++ lithographic process, as well as 8 MB of Smart Cache. However, the relatively high clock frequency, set at 4.0-4.9 GHz, as well as the integrated graphics UHD Graphics P630 do their job. The declared TDP is as a result immodest 88 W.

Initially, Intel decided to sell the E-2274G in a BOX set, with the cooling system supplied by Foxconn. Such as this, added to Pentium Gold and Core i3 processors, whose TDP is not more than 65 W. The result is easy to predict.

The efficiency of the filigree aluminum heat sink turned out to be too low to properly cool the E-2274G. The manufacturer has therefore received numerous complaints. The chip either dropped the clock or was completely unstable. Or both of them a bit, we read in the report. That's why Intel was forced to withdraw it from the stores. It will return, but in a version without cooling.

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