Project xCloud is the "Xbox console on your smartphone"

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– Project xCloud is the Xbox console on your smartphone, enchanted in the cloud – announced Catherine Gluckstein, head of the xCloud project, during her speech at the X019 conference. We are just learning more details about the streaming of games in the Microsoft edition.

Microsoft makes it clear that it wants to make Project xCloud an experience equivalent to using Xbox. However, understandably, without a physical console under the TV and with a limited set of games. As disclosed, just over 50 games are expected to be available for release. That's more than 12 titles offered for the competitive Google Stadia, but still a drop in the sea of ​​the Xbox library.

At the same time, the Redmond company has to be handed over that it has chosen only the hits. The published list includes gems such as Gears 5. Forza Horizon 4 whether Devil May Cry 5.

The implementation of the platform begins on smartphones and tablets with Android. Tests are already underway in the United States, South Korea and the United Kingdom, and next year residents of Canada, Japan, India and Western Europe will be among the beta testers. Unfortunately, this probably means no Poland in this group. Because Microsoft in its nomencature includes us to Central and Eastern Europe.

In parallel, the premiere of the xCloud client for Windows 10 will take place. But for now in this matter only a short slogan has been cast: will.

Play anytime, anywhere and on everything

– We want to make the game streaming service available to anyone, anywhere and on any equipment – declares manager Gluckstein. The representative promises that after deploying the client to PCs, MS wants to successively expand compatibility with more devices. Although specific examples are not given.

We know that regardless of the platform, a Bluetooth controller will be required, but the company does not want to limit itself to the xbox pad. As an alternative, Razer Junglecat and even Dualshock 4 were given – which caused considerable applause among those gathered in the audience.

Unfortunately, Microsoft still does not want to provide a specific release date and even more so subscription prices. It is also unclear which game distribution model will choose. Will it go more towards Game Pass, and maybe it will sell titles for the full amount? Meanwhile, it seems that xCloud depends on the cost or not. Anyway, just like the fate of streaming games in general.

But even more interesting is the business model. According to information disclosed after the conference by Ars Technica, the xCloud platform will be associated with Game Pass. Users will pay once and receive both a library of games for local gameplay and access to the cloud. And this is probably the biggest advantage on the background of Google Stadia, which does not allow local fun at all, and for this requires paying for the game the full premiere price.

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