Google introduces new security and privacy features

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Google maps in incognito mode, automatic deletion of YouTube viewing history and password manager that will inform you if the password has already been used. These are three new things from Google that are supposed to give users more control over their data.

Incognito mode in Google Maps

Google Maps with incognito mode was tested by the first users in September. Now it will go to everyone. By using this function, the places you visit will not be recorded in the location history and will not be used to personalize the service. This may mean that Google will not offer ads such as bars, restaurants, and places of interest based on your location. It's worth remembering that regardless of the incognito mode in Google Maps, the Android system saves GPS history if this feature is not turned off.

Automatic deletion of history on YouTube

YouTube will allow you to delete your watch history. Users will be able to choose the storage period for the history, it can be 3 months, 18 months or when they are deleted.

Password Manager will inform you when the password is being used again

Google introduces the Password Checker tool, a new feature that will inform you with one click if any of the passwords you use are weak, whether they have been used on other websites, or if they have already been violated (in the event of a data breach by a third party). More information about the Password Check feature can be found on the English page of the service.

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