iTaxi got an important update. We will know the price right away

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iTaxi 4.0 is now available for smartphones with Android and iOS. There is a big change with the update. When ordering a ride thanks to the iTaxi Ticket, we will immediately know the price of the course. Importantly, the fee is fixed and will not change even in unforeseen situations.

The new Tickets service is currently only available to individual users in Warsaw, in addition mobile payments must be enabled. The company said in a press release that it would have been introduced to introduce the iTaxi Ticket in new regions.

ITaxi ticket is a constant price. There are no exceptions

This is a change that makes the iTaxi offer more attractive. Many carriers offer a "guaranteed price". There is really almost no guarantee in this, because unforeseen circumstances (e.g. traffic jams, sudden detours) can negatively affect the final price. The iTaxi ticket remains unchanged even then. The price at which the course was ordered is the final one.

Uber must be on guard. The competition is not sleeping. This is not the only news. iTaxi has also received and standardized rates. Jarosław Grabowski, who is the company's CEO assured that

"However, we wanted to go a step further – provide a fixed price regardless of factors that could affect the price of the journey during the journey or other unforeseen circumstances, as well as a price independent of the time of ordering the journey. For passengers, this means that at night they will ride at similar rates as during the day. We have 100% achieved all the assumptions. "

The last change is the refreshed appearance of the application. You can download its latest version for smartphones. iTaxi Ticket is available to both new and old users. Of course, if we meet the iTaxi Ticket requirements described above.

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You can download the application from our software database.

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