Xbox Scarlett? Forget Microsoft is fencing poultry for now

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One sentence. So much was said about the next Xbox at the X019 conference lasting nearly an hour and a half. Thanks to this, we know that it will go to stores during the 2020 holiday season. Until then, we will have turkey rash and looking at the white teeth of Phil Spencer.

I will say simply: watching X019 is something for which I should apply for an allowance for work in harmful conditions. It's like forcing someone to watch all the movies with Karolak. One after the other. Poor actors, even worse show and a solid dose of disgust. Because the most abundant party in the history of Xbox One was promised.

Meanwhile, Microsoft has not presented a single specific title. Well, unless someone considers it to be such Age of Empires IVthat looks like a newcomer from the past or an adventure game Tell Me Why about a transsexual man. which is certified by some LGBTQ association. No, I do not criticize such environments. The game itself is simply not very convincing. It smells like maple Life is Strange. Anyway, comes from the same creators – Dontnod Entertainment.

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From the perspective of an avid player, Project xCloud is not convincing either. Yes, it looks like a well-thought-out platform, but under the hood it is in fact an Xbox One operating in the cloud – with well-known games and bonus in the form of delays when transmitting image from the server. The target group here are Sunday players, not hobbyists. It's hard to get excited.

There is no console, but a Mario Kart clone

Sure, in Redmond they don't care about the current generation, because they are preparing for the premiere of the next, poviat. And I absolutely agree with that. The problem is that Microsoft didn't even try to announce this future. While Sony successively reveals more information about PlayStation 5, boasting even specimens of the specification, the competition is silent like a grave.

PlayStation fans are excited about new features and better equipment. Many of them already know that they will buy a new Sony console. On the other hand, Microsoft's camp can at most get crazy about Kart Rider Drift. Brazen cut with Mario Kart, where – as stated – the key advantage is the ability to personalize the driver. Well, Microsoft, great thing. For example, I was always irritated by the pink dress of Princess Peach, and yours princess I can wear stylish leggings.

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Get on hold, wait for your rival

I would be lying, however, saying that Microsoft does not understand. It is obvious that representatives of the company do not want a replay of Xbox One, where for false start console they still repent today. As you remember, MS was convinced to the end that Sony would offer a maximum of 4 GB of RAM in PS4, twice less than Xbox One. Therefore, he was not afraid of a weaker graphics card. He risked it by trying to limit the aftermarket of games.

The Japanese patiently waited for the competitor, then mercilessly pointed out his mistakes. Now Microsoft wants to be the second one. And it's hardly surprising. But in this way, interest in your new console will certainly not build. Especially starting from position two. Unfortunately, this means that all Xbox fans will face a really boring year.

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