Which programming language should you choose? Python is ahead of Java, JavaScript is still a leader

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Python is more popular than Java. Such information was provided by GitHub – a popular repository of programming projects, currently belonging to Microsoft. The most popular on GitHub is JavaScript, which coincides with Stack Overflow data.

Hot Python

JavaScript is the most popular language among programmers using GitHuba. He has been maintaining his position since 2014 and there is no indication that he would lose her in the near future. The revolution took place in the 2nd and 3rd positions. There are more GitHub users in Python than in Java.

Python's popularity is fueled by work with large data sets and libraries for processing them (for example numpy). Python is therefore of great importance in the process of machine learning. Even Microsoft has recently launched free Python lessons to attract developers to the Azure cloud where they can train a machine learning model. For the same reason, the popularity of the Jupyter environment for creating interactive notebooks with scripts in Python and R. has increased.

This is a huge step for a 30-year language. It is worth adding that Python's creator, Guido van Rossum, retired at the beginning of the week. The programmer worked at Dropbox.

Languages ​​gaining popularity on GitHub

GitHub has also released a list of languages ​​that are quickly gaining new users. The largest increase was recorded in Dart language – 532 percent. during the year. Developers are interested in the creation of mobile applications using new Google solutions. Along with Dart, the Flutter toolkit for quickly building application interfaces has gained popularity.

Another rapidly gaining language is Rust, developed by Mozilla to prevent software vulnerabilities associated with memory support. During the year, it gained 235 percent, mainly thanks to Microsoft, which is experimenting with using Rust on Windows. The full ranking looks like this:

The largest projects on GitHub

GitHub also revealed which open source projects have the most co-authors. Microsoft Visual Studio Code has been the leader for years. A great text editor for programmers has gained popularity among Google employees. 19.1 thousand develops it programmers. Most work for Microsoft.

There are other Microsoft projects on the list. The Redmond company was one of the largest GitHub users before it took over the service.

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