What is proxycap ? and How to configure this great tool !

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Hello, and welcome back 🙂 after some time I’m back, in the first article I will review for you great tool for proxying your traffic, software is called “proxycap”, it is propietary software, but before buying we can try free limited version, take a look below on screen how this soft looks :

ProxyCap is generally the best if we have some proxy address and we want to use this proxy in our apps like browsers or messengers to redirect traffic via proxy, we can specify in proxycap which application should use our IP proxy address.

take a look below on screen how my config looks :

so I have specified 3 apps to redirect traffic via my proxy “xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx.” in the background, so everytime when I’m using these 3 apps all traffic is redirected via specified proxy 🙂 I’m using Tor for only these 3 applications..and what is great I no need to change configuration to using proxy on all these 3 apps, I need only to configure all of this things in proxycap with is very easy and fast.

We can also specify in our app config if we want to resolve names remotely (dns) or not.

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We can also specify ports :

ProxyCap unlimited price is : 29.95 $.


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