2 quick and simple tricks to download facebook videos

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Hey, I got for you guys two great tricks to download facebook videos with easy, you will be able to download videos via free opensource software and via website really fast. First I will explain you how to download facebook videos with opensource downloader “youtube-dl” this tool allow to download videos and musics from more than 100 websites like twitter, youtube, soundcloud, facebook and others.

Youtube-dl opensource facebook downloader

How to download facebook videos with software downloader ?

Youtube-dl is free opensource application with is available to download on github, it works on most Windows versions like 7,Vista,8 and 10. I’m using Windows 10 and it works great on this version. Youtube-dl works via command line, so you need to specify correct command line, lets download this video from facebook 

Correct command line :

youtube-dl.exe “https://www.facebook.com/ridiculousness/videos/393298527879459/”

and done, this video should be downloaded to folder where you saved youtube-dl.exe

you can also add more options to command line like quality of the video, if you want to download in HD just add at the beginning something like that :

youtube-dl.exe -f bestvideo+bestaudio “https://www.facebook.com/ridiculousness/videos/393298527879459/”

this command will download video in the highest quality format.

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How to download facebook videos without software

If you want download without software, you need to use some external website with will download video for you, and later you can download this video from their server 🙂 I found really great website to do this..and it is facebook downloader website, so let’s start … first click here to visit this website, then put video on this box :

FB Converter

Click “I’m not a robot” and click green button “Start Download“..wait few seconds and your video should be ready to download. You should see again big green button, click again and you will be redirected to video, pause this video and at the right bottom corner click this :

and just select folder to save your fb video.

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