Facebook will create a list of people he considers a threat

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Fame and popularity is the opposite of a peaceful life. Often, well-known personalities may come to a danger that is strictly related to hatred or security. Facebook wants to protect itself against all this. The American brand has come up with a way to get a step ahead of potential attackers. Engineers and programmers working for Mark Zuckerberg will create a special list marked as BOLO (Be On Lookout) – there will be users who pose a potential threat to the security of offices and Facebook employees.

Some security experts believe that this type of move is right and can contribute to the reduction of a significant number of incidents, while others express real concern about the whole situation. Facebook explains this in a simple way: the company wants to take care of its employees and the entire infrastructure in many cities around the world. However, the gigantic social network has an advantage over everyone because it depends only on who will be on the list.

CNBC mentions that the barrier of “adding” someone to the list does not have many guidelines, but this situation should change with time. Interestingly, the BOLO list will also be available to active and current employees of Facebook – but it is not known until the end what you will need to do to earn a place in such a box.

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Facebook CEO / Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook does not deny the existence of Be On Lookout, but rejects the insinuations related to the security of the entire solution. The process of cataloging users and possibly adding them to the list should be clear and transparent for everyone.

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Surely, with time, we will learn more about how Facebook will monitor the BOLO group and what will take further steps with the development of similar services – at this moment strictly in the internal circle. It remains to be hoped that the whole situation will not get out of control and one day it will not be used among all active portal users.

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