These people do not exist and never existed. They were created by artificial intelligence!

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Creepy and impressive at the same time. There is a web page in the network where artificial intelligence, creating the faces of people who are absolutely non-existent and never existed, lies dormant. You can try yourself how this mechanism works.

We know perfectly well that artificial intelligence is able to create completely false films, change the faces of people on video materials in such a way that it is difficult to find any cheating in it. AI is able to predict a lot of things and base on huge amounts of data. However, showing her possibilities in the context of creating the faces of people who never existed was something really terrifying. It is difficult to imagine a mechanism that could give us more to think about where AI’s development is going.

A face that never existed

However, it is known that the site uses the so-called Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs). The program is based on huge amounts of input data from which, as you can see, he was practicing what a human face should look like. So many photos of real people were loaded into the machine, and then AI was commissioned to create its own images. Thus, the algorithm generates absolutely untrue faces using the information it has acquired earlier.

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As it was determined, uses the code that was previously shared by Nvidia on GitHub. This type of technique has already been used, for example, for “weather changes” in films and photos. What’s more, the materials that were recorded at night managed to create those that look as if they were shot during the day, in good lighting conditions.

The graphics themselves are incredibly realistic, although you can find some interesting “artifacts” there. From my observations, it appears that AI has a problem with … teeth. It happens that one missing first incisor is missing, so that the smiling face looks at least unnatural. Generated facial hair also seems to reveal signs that it has been generated – but in quite a few cases.

One of the Reddit users has shared a very worrying discovery with other users. Apparently in the database one day one had to find the image of a person from the so-called “Bindi”, a sign on the forehead worn by Hindu women. By the way, what was most likely introduced into AI was also a photo of a man with a gunshot wound … forehead. Bindi was mistaken with a hole in her head, which makes the image look pretty scary.

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