Inbox will be turned off at the same time as Google+

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The end of two services on one day.

Users have been preparing for a long time to close both Inbox and Google+. The date of the end of the consumer version of the social network was set at the end of January on April 2 this year and everything indicates that on the same day we will say goodbye to Inbox.

At least this is the result of a thread created on Reddit yesterday, where a certain user shared a photo visible on the thumbnail of this article. Such graphics after opening the mail do not appear to every consumer, but with every hour more people see this message.

This eloquent message after entering Inbox is certainly sad for all active users of this service from Google. By the way, the company invites you to go to Gmail.

Google says it “works hard” to meet the goal of transferring all innovations from Inbox, so we can assume that after April 2, we’ll receive a flood of updates.

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