AMD Zen 4 and RDNA 2. Development schedule until 2022

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AMD is not slowing down. A new investor presentation has been added to the network that provides information on future products. It shows that the reds plan to operate on an annual basis.

By 2022, we will see two more generations of processors, namely Zen 3 and Zen 4. The first is already supposedly completed and will be produced in the lithographic process of 7 nm + class, i.e. 7 nm second-generation TSMC. We do not know anything specific about the second of them, except that it is planned for the not too distant future.

In parallel, new Epyc processors are to appear, codenamed Milan and Genoa respectively. By 2021, AMD plans to prepare graphics cards in the RDNA 2 architecture and also the 7 nm + technology mentioned above, to replace the current Radeons of the RX 5700 series.

Unfortunately, the schedule is very non-detailed. It even lacks information about mobile chips, and let us remind you that there are not even Zen 2 laptops on the market yet.

Either way, it is obvious that the bar has been set very high. All we have to do is to enjoy the imposed dynamics of progress. After years of stagnation in the processor market and the unanimous dominance of Nvidia in graphics cards, something finally begins to change.

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