G.SKILL. 6 GHz record on DDR4 RAM beaten

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Recent records in the filming of RAM were good, but did not exceed a certain milestone. The 6,000 MHz magic barrier has now been beaten to exactly 6,016.8 MHz. And all this on the bones of G.SKILL Trident Z Royal, with which Toppc worked.

Within three months, this is due to the Toppc nickname overclocker. Earlier, also using G.SKILL modules (at the manufacturer's stand during Computex 2019), he managed to set the memory clock to 5886 MHz. Yesterday beat this achievement significantly, reaching 6016,8 MHz. As the first in history it broke the 6 GHz border.

Vice-President G.SKILL was very pleased with Toppc's achievements. He said that

"The achievement of DDR4-6000MHz has been our goal for a long time and we are very excited that we can achieve this important milestone with MSI."

What exactly did he use? It is not without reason that President G.SKILL mentioned MSI. The G.SKILL DDR4 Trident Z Royal RAM is mounted on a small, but well designed motherboard MSI MPG Z390I GAMING EDGE AC. The highest (for the premiere model with the note KS) blue processor for the mainstream base, i.e. Intel Core i9-9900K, was used.

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Source: G.SKILL

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