iPhone 11. Apple is years behind the competition. I will show this with examples

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Holiday at Steve Jobs Theater completed. The world has met more iPhone models. Apple has once again proved that it is an aspiring photocopier rather than an innovator, and it extends the implementation time very much. So like every year.

There is a magic password new iPhone. Lights go out. After a while there is a boom and the program nail appears on the screen. Anturaż is worthy of theatrical art. Anyway, Apple calls its conference room not without reason theater. The problem is that there is something further that can be excited at most people who have spent the last three years in the basement without electricity and windows.

In the west unchanged

A photo smartphone – that's how Apple announces the new iPhone 11 it just received killer feature in the form of a second camera on the back. No, ladies and gentlemen, these guys discovered a wide-angle camera. Something that Samsung conceptually talked about in 2007, and LG sold in 2016 in the G5 model. Looking at how the advancement in the consumer electronics market is advancing, I am beginning to have concerns about Apple engineers about whether nobody would keep them in the said basement.

  Apple will not add ports to MacBooks. We are stuck with USB C and Thunderbolt

The second supernova is: 4K video recording at 60 fps (frames per second). It's nice, because it means really fair quality of the material, but again we are talking about at least two generations back. At the same time, this type of material can already register iPhone 8, so it is in fact no novelty. Okay, if my memory is correct, no one has ever recorded with the front camera. Instagram fans and fans will probably be happy. Provided they see this option at all.

Meanwhile, the iPhone 11, priced in Poland at 3599 zlotys, still deigns with, for example, a 6.1-inch LCD screen with an à la balcony door frame. Yes, at a time when manufacturers are killing themselves to have the best cover for the display, and contrasting AMOLEDs with perfect black are in devices for around a thousand, Apple fans get such mediocrity.

Anno domini 2016-17

I do not deny that there are things that are clearly positive, such as the new, very efficient A13 processor, a capacious battery or a nice addition in the form of recording selfie-videos in slow motion. It's just that, against the background of the whole shell, it looks like a broken apple, that nobody would say that Apple is completely lacking in ideas. Compared to other modern smartphones that can be purchased at a similar price as the Galaxy S10 or Huawei P30 Pro, the iPhone 11 falls completely pale.

There is no feature that dominated the year 2019. There is no fingerprint reader in the screen, no chargeback (can be used as a wireless powerbank), ToF 3D sensor to improve the quality of the bokeh effect. Technologically it represents the years 2016-17.

But there is still an iPhone 11 Pro and it gives advice – you will say. Well, the iPhone 11 Pro actually has a high-class AMOLED screen, and the camera is not with two, but three lenses, including a telephoto lens. However, this still does not make it fresh. It is at most less modern than its kin. And such a luxury costs PLN 4,999, which is totally beyond the scale of reason. Because you can pay thousands for innovation, not a clumsy attempt to reach the leaders.

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