ADATA SE800. Fast USB SSD up to 1000 MB / s resistant to water, dust and falls

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If you prefer something complete out-of-the-box, and not like the Delock NVMe SSD box described below, how about ADATA SE800? It is a compact USB 3.2 Gen 2 SSD that achieves speeds of around 1 GB / s.

ADATA SE800 does not have large sizes (72 x 44 x 12.2 mm), although there are also smaller USB SSD media. This lightweight (40 g) device is waterproof and dustproof with the IP68 standard, and is not afraid of falling (which is not surprising for SSDs) from a height of 122 cm – has been tested in accordance with MIL-STD-810 516.6. We can choose the blue and gray variants.

Let's move to something more interesting for us. ADATA in SE800 used unspecified 3D NAND dice. The disk interface is USB 3.2 Gen 2 with a C plug (in the box we get USB.C – USB.C and USB.C – USB.A cables), and the design reaches speeds of up to 1000 MB / s when reading and writing data. In that case, a PCI-Express NVMe compatible controller and SSD had to be used.

Soon the carrier will hit store shelves. ADATA will provide a three-year warranty period. For sale, you will be able to choose between variants with a capacity of 512 GB and 1 TB. Their suggested prices will be PLN 449 and PLN 699, respectively.

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Source: ADATA

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