Intel Core i5 will watch over security during the Tokyo 2020 games

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300,000 people at the stadium. Everyone under the watchful eye of the face recognition system. In addition, personalized ads based on appearance. Sci-Fi? No – this is the NeoFace system that will be used at the Tokyo Summer Olympic Games in 2020.

NEC is responsible for the system preparation, but Intel supplies it with Core i5 processors and for some reason was the first to brag about the achievements.

As disclosed, thanks to the camera system, NeoFace will scan the faces of everyone in the stadium. It is about athletes and their staffs as well as the media, service and ordinary supporters. All this to impede, as Intel claims, identity theft. Each scanned person will receive a unique ID number with which he will be associated until the end of the event.

In this way, at least theoretically, the organizers will make life much more difficult for criminals. For example, stolen documents and a press pass are not enough to impersonate a journalist. There will not even be a judge substitution.

Not just security

At the same time, NeoFace is not just about security. The concept of interactive billboards that are able to display personalized advertising, whether based on race or gender of the observer, was also presented. However, this idea is very controversial. He was strongly protested by American activists.

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However, Intel itself will provide Tokyo 2020 with a few other solutions. It's all about the True VR technique. Reports from selected professions will be implemented in virtual reality. In addition, celestial equipment will drive Cisco telemetry systems, and their artificial intelligence model helps to compose musical themes.

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