iPhone 11 Pro tossed with a wedding cake and a pile of garbage. But seriously

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The sale of iPhones 11 starts on September 20. No wonder the first ads appear. Apple begins with the presentation of damage resistance and camera functions.

The hero of both new spots is the iPhone 11 Pro. The device was each time placed in a wind tunnel. The first material presents a photo session of the dog. The quadruped is photographed in various poses using all available lenses.

Particularly noteworthy is the presentation of the night mode. It is much more effective than the one presented at the premiere conference.

However, the number two material is definitely more impressive, on which the iPhone 11 Pro covers a whole range of items. They hit him, among others toys, vegetables and ice cubes, and finally even a wedding cake. As you can hardly guess, the smartphone comes out of these clashes without the slightest scratches. "It's hard there" – the title of the advertisement is literally translated.

Let's face it, you can't call it a glimpse of cinematographic genius. However, they are eloquent, and that's what marketing is all about.

Another issue is that I am curious how it would come from a similar endurance test plain iPhone 11. This, as you know, is entirely made of glass. The company from Cupertino ensures that it is the strongest glass it has ever used in a smartphone. Question: Is it durable enough?

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