Google Assistant with new possibilities. At least on Pixels

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Google has made its assistant quite a useful tool with many possibilities. After all, most users still handle the phone in a classic way. Soon we will get a redesigned assistant interface, perhaps encouraging the undecided.

What can we find in the new installment of the Google Assistant? First of all, the rebuilt start page. It will contain definitely more elements on the background of the current ascetic look with a few icons. The change is to be felt by people who do not want to use the assistant only by voice every time.

Google Assistant with more non-voice capabilities

An additional element above the conversation with the Assistant will have a lot of icons of the most frequently used actions profiled for a specific user. Thanks to this, there is a good chance that just one click is enough to do something in the Google Assistant without issuing a standard command adequate for a given action.

Ultimately, this should be a fairly large range of potential activities, but in the first place we will meet only with testing proposals. And not every Android phone owner will be able to check it for themselves (even with Android 10). Pilot news will be available only for Google Pixel smartphones.

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It is not known what further plans it has regarding this Google function. Most likely, the icons with the proposed actions will expand significantly, and the functionality after any modifications will go on the entire range of green robot phones. Well, unless it turns out to be a bad idea and the feedback from Pixela users will be negative.

Source: 9to5google

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