Google Store. Refurbished devices already on offer

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The Google company store got a completely new product category. This equipment is refurbished, i.e. renovated by the manufacturer, brought to standards similar to the new one taken straight out of the box. For those who like to look for price opportunities, this is good news.

For now, the range of products does not look particularly rich, besides (as if logical due to the refurbished offer) the number of pieces is limited. Choose from a Pixelbook with an Intel Core i5 128 GB version for $ 749 and a Google WiFi mesh set of three elements for $ 179.

Refurbished with a guarantee of quality

According to the company, refurbished products meet the same high standards as new ones and undergo rigorous tests, so we are not dealing with defective equipment (although the general overtone of the term refurbished suggests that there may be some minimal defects that do not affect the operation of the equipment, such as a very large scratch of the housing ).

Devices out of control and testing, also undergo cleaning. Of course, Google provides a warranty for renewed offers – it's a year. For now, you can see that the section is in its infancy, because it does not work in some detailed mechanisms on the page. Perhaps this is not the official start of the refurbished department, but only probing the market.

As you might have guessed, it doesn't change anything for users from Poland. After all, the Google Store is not officially available (the offer can be checked only if we impersonate a citizen of a western country), and even if the site with recertified products is not available for all markets. Introducing it is a similar move to other giants, refurbished equipment is also sold by Apple and Microsoft.

Source: androidpolice, Google

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