Windows 10 and another problem with CPU load. The IME component is to blame

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Windows 10 has another problem with unnaturally high CPU usage. This is the second such case in recent days. The reason is the last update in which the same error was solved, but caused by another element of the system.

While the source of the problem was the system search engine before, this time the high CPU load in Windows 10 is caused by the IME component associated with text input. The KB4515384 update is to be blamed after which input method editor it may jam, causing high CPU usage.

According to the information on the Windows support page, the problem can be seen, among others, when entering Chinese text. However, the defect has only recently been identified and it cannot be excluded that the problem also affects other situations.

Interestingly, in this case you can try to solve the problem yourself. Microsoft recommends that you then visit the keyboard and handwriting settings among services and change the boot method to manual there. Of course, this is only a temporary avoidance of the problem. The patch is already being prepared and will be available with the next update package, which is probably at the end of this month.

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