Google Chrome will block subsequent ads. This protection against cryptocurrency excavators

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Google Chrome will soon block more ads. In addition to disabling onerous, the browser will also look at those that significantly burden resources and the link. If CPU usage and transfer are unreasonable, the ad will be blocked.

You can read about the details of planned changes in Google Chrome on TechDows. The considered solution involves removing such ads from pages, which in a relatively short time load the processor in an unnatural way and send a lot of data.

This can be embarrassing, first of all, for users using mobile communications who browse the internet on mobile devices. Applying the new rules will also allow you to block hidden cryptocurrency excavators or long animations, which next to blocking intrusive ads should provide users with sufficient security.

Blocking of further ads in Google Chrome

According to the description, Google Chrome could block those ads that consume more resources than 99.9 percent. other ads and the user has not interacted with them. The proposed solution also assumes three additional conditions.

The ad will disappear from the page if it used the main thread for more than 60 seconds in total, for a selected 30-second period for more than 15 seconds, or if it sent more than 4 MB of data during loading. Removing the ad from the website is to result in an additional explanation about the reason in the log available in the developer tools.

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Unfortunately, it is not known yet when the function would appear in the browser. You can read about the technical details of the proposed implementation on GitHub. However, it is already assumed that if it is implemented, it will be available in both desktop and mobile versions. The exception is Android Web View.

You can download Google Chrome in many versions from our software catalog.

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