map of the State Forests and the Grzybów Atlas

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It's time to go mushrooming. After a few rainy days, there are plenty of them in Polish forests. In some provinces you can collect over 100 pieces per hour.

Map on mushrooms: mBDL

Mushrooming involves some risk. In unknown terrain, you can easily confuse directions. The State Forests has prepared a special application for such occasions. mBDL, i.e. a mobile Data Bank for Forests. The application can record your route, you can also leave in it a "pin" indicating where you left the car, where you found the "mushroom field" or oak, accompanied by porcini mushrooms.

mBDL contains lots of information that you won't find in traditional navigation. You will find a regular map (OpenStreetMap, Bing or topographic) divided into forest districts and plots, but also information provided by the State Forests. In the detailed description of the plot you can check the nature of forests, ownership forms, habitats, clusters of plants and the like. You can also find out what species of trees you will find in this area and on what soil they grow. Mushroomer with some experience will know on this basis what species of mushrooms can be expected in a new place.

You can download the data of frequently visited areas to your smartphone and use them offline.

Download the application: mBDL

Atlas of Mushrooms

In my family, knowledge about mushrooms was passed down from generation to generation, thanks to which I feel quite good in the forest. This does not mean, however, that I have eaten all my minds. If in doubt, I always reach for the Atlas Mushroom application with photos of mushrooms, molds and lichen, as well as descriptions of specific species.

If you have 2 GB of free space in the phone's memory, download a larger photo library (almost 10,000). Thanks to this, it will be easier for you to distinguish similar-looking mushrooms and use offline applications – it can be different in the forest.

You can view the lexicon manually, but if you want to identify the fruit body just found, use filtering. With it, you can only choose mushrooms with "gills" under the hat, indicate the place of occurrence of mushrooms, the ground on which they grow, and similar features. By narrowing your search in this way, you can quickly find out whether the fungus is edible, protected or dangerous. In addition, when viewing the card of each mushroom you can see related species.

Download the application: Atlas Grzybów

Finally, a very important piece of advice: if you are not sure if you recognize mushrooms correctly, do not eat them under any circumstances. It is not difficult and serious intoxication, which can even end in death. If you have already taken the mushrooms home, but doubts arose, you can take them to the sanitary-epidemiological station. Specialists are on duty at many facilities.

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  map of the State Forests and the Grzybów Atlas