The National Cloud Operator and Google Cloud have started strategic cooperation

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The National Cloud operator has a new strategic partner. Google Cloud will help in the work on the platform.

What is the National Cloud?

National Cloud is a key element in the development of the cloud services market in Poland. Thanks to it, there will be no transfer of data to foreign companies, activities will be carried out in accordance with Polish law, and services will be cheap. Operator Chmury Krajowej was established in October 2018, its co-owners are PKO BP and the Polish Development Fund.

In April, the cloud was launched. Three independent server rooms were created in Mazovia for its needs. They are served by Exatel and the National Clearing House. Thanks to this, the prices of services will be competitive. PKO BP became the first customer. The bank uses the cloud computing power to test its applications.

Google Cloud and other partners

Google Cloud is the newest, but not the only partner of Operator Chmury Krajowej. Asseco Data Systems, Accenture and DXC Technology also help in implementing new services. Asseco Poland and Sygnity will help in transferring client resources to the cloud.

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The goal of launching the National Cloud is to digitize Polish business and administration. The cloud services market in the country will grow in the coming years. Currently only 10 percent entrepreneurs take advantage of the benefits of the cloud, while in developed European countries it is up to 50 percent. Polish National Cloud will stimulate this growth in both the private and public sectors. Ministry of Digitization

This is how dreams fall

The National Cloud shows how important the physical location of data centers is today. We are no longer asking whether they are to be in the hands of the state or private entrepreneurs (here companies of the Treasury and public administration have control). We are now interested in whether the data will be stored in accordance with the GDPR and whether other countries will have access to it. This is crucial in times of widespread cyber espionage.

The launch of the National Cloud also gives a clear signal that we can abandon our dreams of the Internet as a cross-border medium open to everyone. Geographic boundaries, state interests and intelligence activities have been moved to this amazing free medium.

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