Windows 10 and CPU load problem. The new update doesn't help

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Windows 10 has received a new cumulative update. The KB4517211 package solves numerous previous errors, but – surprisingly – it is not a prescription for the problem of unjustified CPU load known for over a week.

The KB4517211 patch set will please many Windows 10 users. As we learn from the summary of new products on the Microsoft support page, several dozens of problems have been removed from this system. Among them, unjustified allocation of write permissions in the case of portable memory or wrongly issuing two certificates to some Windows Hello users.

In addition, the problem of audio playback and recording when working with a remote virtual machine, unjustified disconnection of VPN when connected to a cellular network, incorrect color display on laptops with HDR-enabled displays or incorrect conversion of 32-bit applications for the needs of 64-bit architecture has been resolved.

High CPU usage is still a problem

Unfortunately, the large list of resolved issues in Windows 10 does not include the vulnerability associated with the IME component. The error relates to an unnaturally high CPU load when entering text using simplified and traditional Chinese script.

The defect can still be solved only by following Microsoft's advice, which we described in the cited publication. It is worth noting that the current problem with the processor was caused by the previous Windows 10 update, which – paradoxically – was a recipe for other problems with the CPU. At the moment it is not known when Microsoft will release another patch to solve the described error.

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