Google makes changes to the search engine. The algorithm will distinguish original sources

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The most popular website introduces a seemingly small, but huge change. Search algorithms are constantly undergoing modernization, but this time it's really big. Google goes to war with fake news.

Google will change the search engine ranking so that the best journalistic materials are presented. The media work so dynamically that often an original article on a given topic does not always stay in the spotlight for long. It happens that it is covered with a mass of discussions or articles supplementing the publication. Thus, the user may not necessarily be able to capture the original context of the article. And so often "fake news" is created.

Until now, Google was displaying the latest publications or containing the most information on a given topic. From now on this is to change. Original articles will remain in a clearly visible position for longer. This visibility will allow users to view the original material, in addition to being able to view newer articles on a given topic.

As we read in a Google announcement: "There is no absolute definition of source material, nor is there an indisputable standard for determining the originality of an article. For different editors and publishers these may be completely different things at different times. Therefore, our actions and work on understanding" "life cycle" theme will constantly evolve. "

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Google uses algorithms to browse content on the web and organize it so that the user can receive it in the best way. They use hundreds of different rules that are constantly updated and improved. But it is not everything. Google has employed 10,000 testers around the world to perfect its tools.

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Their task is to evaluate and verify the work of the algorithm. Using their opinions, the ranking of displayed articles will not change directly, but it will help to improve and develop algorithms. All rules according to which testers will work are available in the Google blog post.

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