Windows 10 without Mixer on the game bar. You need to use other programs for streaming

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Updating the game bar in Windows 10 removes the option to send content to the Mixer website. Microsoft encourages streamers to use third-party applications.

The problem of the removed Mixer service from the Windows 10 game bar is highlighted by Windows Central. As it turns out, Microsoft is updating this add-on for players according to their feedback. Recently, for example, he received a frame rate counter, which should be a plus.

However, it was quickly noticed that the upgrade was not only about adding new features. The game bar will no longer allow streaming to the Mixer service. In this matter, we even managed to get a comment from Microsoft, which is by the way an incentive to use third-party applications.

– Due to the constant feedback from the community, after careful analysis, we decided to remove the Mixer service from the Xbox Game Bar and focus on providing new, more frequently mentioned (by the community) functions (…) Streaming to Mixer is possible from devices with Windows 10 using from third-party tools such as OBS, Streamlabs and XSplit … – we read in a statement.

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Although the producer justifies the removal of Mixer from the game bar with community reviews, the decision remains surprising in the era of growing interest in streaming and sharing their achievements (also in games) on the internet.

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