Windows 10X – a new system made to measure Surface Neo with two screens

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Windows 10X is a new version of Microsoft's system created specifically for the needs of Surface Neo – the announced device with two displays that can replace both laptop and tablet.

The system has been rethought so that it can take advantage of the two displays built into one device. Generally, you can find here elements typical for every version of Windows 10, but adapted to the new hardware conditions.

In Windows 10X, applications can automatically adapt their content to two screens. An example is the mail client, which displayed on one of the screens automatically opens links on the other display in the browser. This is how the Office office suite will work, among others.

The changes also affect the keyboard behavior. Reversing the Surface Neo physical keyboard to a position where you can write on it will automatically shift the contents of the lower display to the upper. The bottom screen will then change to an emoticon area or trackpad, depending on the location of the keyboard that you can move.

Microsoft Windows 10X will appear on the market together with the Surface Neo device, which will go on sale in summer 2020.

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