Fast Wi-Fi right there. Official certification of Wi-Fi 6 devices has started

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The next generation of Wi-Fi networks can be considered completed. The Wi-Fi Alliance, which watches over the standard, has just launched an official device certification program. Contrary to appearances, this is not a boring message – the standard is ready for use and new and updated products will appear on the market with the appropriate mark.

What does Wi-Fi 6 give us?

Wi-Fi 6 combines several new solutions thanks to which the wireless network works much more efficiently than the currently used generation. The theoretical maximum data transfer speed jumps from 3.5 GB / s to an impressive 9.6 Gb / s. In home conditions, we will certainly not use the full capabilities of Wi-Fi 6, but it will be faster anyway.

It will benefit families and groups with dozens of electronic devices – for example, building automation installation, smart home appliances and several smartphones and laptops. Wi-Fi 6 will increase the speed of transfer in crowded networks and allow you to provide more data.

Wi-Fi 6 also means better network security.

The beginning of the Wi-Fi era 6

Today we can already say that we have entered the era of Wi-Fi 6. You can start looking for devices with a sign indicating the certification on the box.

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The start of official certification is less spectacular than one event from last week. I mean the premiere of the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro – both have been equipped with Wi-Fi 6 compatible cards and are slowly reaching stores. Although Apple is a member of the Wi-Fi Alliance, it does not certify its devices through the official path. Samsung did the same [/ url [with its flagship. Wi-Fi 6 routers already offer TP-Link and Asus.

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