Sm @ rtDock 15 Touch. Station for Samsung and smartphones with DisplayPort Alternate Mode USB-C

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There are already attachments or docking stations on the market (usually matching selected products of one company), which are supposed to make working with a telephone similar to the one known from laptops. Another proposition, quite universal, is Sm @ rtDock 15 Touch.

A substitute for a laptop from the cell for users of many smartphones

Let's start with the issue of compliance. First of all, Sm @ rtDock can interact with smartphones dedicated to Samsung DeX and Huawei Easy Projection. These are only a limited number of models of the mentioned producers, but they do not close the list. Most will be devices that simply support DisplayPort USB-C alternative mode. In this case, it may not be equipment literally for everyone, but certainly not only the chosen ones.

Among other solutions, Sm @ rtDock stands out with a touch screen and an additional keyboard. The matrix is ​​really big for such a product, because its diagonal is up to 15 ". You probably expected something more tablet-like and la 10 ". The resolution is the well-known full HD 1920 x 1080 pixels.

Strange sales practices

As ports, we find microUSB for additional plug-in devices, USB-C as charging and the second C leading to the smartphone. Thanks to miniHDMI we will hook another screen. The main module has a built-in battery, which is supposed to last for about 7 hours. The keyboard is not a wired model, but a Bluetooth one. with the highest penalty in UODO history for data leakage

The station has already been sold, but the British manufacturer does not boast of the price. Requires contact to submit a proposal. There is no denying that this is a very strange procedure. For now, it is directed to the UK market, but probably versions with a different keyboard layout will be released soon.

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