How do I turn off Upday? A guide for Samsung users

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The Upday app is a product dedicated to Samsung devices using Android. Works in a very similar way to Google News – floods with notifications, which can be annoying. Just turn off notifications or application.

Upday is an application that can be found on Samsung Android devices, e.g. the Galaxy series. Application Selects the most important news from the country, the world and all departments of interest to us. Based on what usually attracts our attention, it sets our preferences and shows more of such messages.

How do I remove Upday from the home screen?

The application is pre-installed on any Samsung smartphone. In addition to sending notifications, Upday can also be found on one of the pages of the home screen.

To remove it from the home screen, we have to hold a finger on any, but empty place. Then go to the page where Upday is located. In the right upper part of the screen there should be a slider which should be moved. Now the app no longer appears as the home screen card.

How do I turn off Upday notifications?

We will disable notifications from Upday in the same way as in any other Android application. Go to settings and then search for “Apps and notifications”> “Manage notifications” and then search for Upday in the list. Now all you have to do is to uncheck the “notification” slider.

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You can also turn off notifications in a different way. We open Upday, then we develop “Settings”, that is, three vertically arranged dots in the upper right part of the screen. There is also a slider, which you just need to uncheck to get rid of notifications.

How do I turn off Upday?

If you want to completely get rid of the application, it is also possible. To do this, we open “Settings” and then “Applications”. There is a full list of software installed on our device. If you can not find Upday there, in the top right part of the screen press the three vertically arranged dots and select the option “show system applications”.

The application can not be uninstalled, but when we enter its settings, we can disable it. Just press “turn off” and the application will be deactivated.

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