Firefox will also block autoplay audio and video

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Firefox will join other Internet browsers that already block the autoplay of videos and music on websites. Mozilla said it will be the premiere of the upcoming version with number 66, which will take place in March this year. However, Firefox will get options that allow you to autoplay video and audio.

Firefox 66 will be released on March 19th. On this day, Mozilla intends to start blocking self-reproducing video and audio. This applies to both desktops and smartphones. The launching of materials on the pages will take place with the consent of the user who will first press the play button.

Interestingly, the new Firefox feature will cover all websites. Including YouTube or Netflix, where we often use the autoplay feature. Mozilla is aware of this and therefore introduces in the browser options that allow you to add exceptions.

A special icon will appear in your browser’s address bar, which will inform you that the site wants to play audio or video by itself. Clicking on it will expand the menu shown above. Then you can set an exception. Other popular web browsers already support similar blocking. Remember that current editions of internet browsing programs can be found on officiall Mozilla Website 🙂

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