Unnecessary and necessary DLL libraries

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Do you sometimes have a program that does not want to run or even install, and then a message pops up about the lack of one of the DLLs? It happened to me today, so maybe the solution to the problem will be useful to you.

By the way, I will also suggest what can be done with temporarily unnecessary libraries sitting in RAM after the program has been closed.

What are libraries?

DLLs on Windows systems are special files that are shared by various programs. They store functions that can be used by several different applications. It is a very practical solution, it limits the disk space occupied by subsequent installations, but it can cause a lot of problems. For example, when you try to run a new program – if it turns out that we do not have the right library.

Where to get the missing DLL?

missing DLL
missing dll error

The message about the lack of a suitable library can appear not only when it is not physically present on the disk. It may be damaged, have an unsuitable version for a given program, or be in a bad or unusual location. Then you need to find the appropriate DLL file and save it in the indicated in the directory message – it will often be just a program folder.

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Usually, the easiest way to find the required library is simply on Google – by entering its full name. However, you can also use existing databases. One of them, quite well “stocked”, can be found at:


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